Ultimate Outdoor Adventures - Viewers Feedback


On our "VIEWERS FEEDBACK" page we will share with you some of our emails, both good and bad, that we have received from our viewers.  Drop us an email on our "COMMENTS" page and let us know your thoughts or suggestions.  Take a few minutes to read some of the comments we've recieved.


Just sending a note commenting on how much I enjoy your quality program. Over times when I am unable to get out in ND or MN I can live vicariously. Keep up the good work.

Lucas S.  Mayville, ND


I like your show but wish it could be an hour long... lol. John is right, Bears and big Bucks are what makes the show. Thanks guys for a great show. Team UOA, you all do a great job all year long.

Brian K.  Jamestown, ND


Just got done watching your show on whitetail and mule deer. what a great show! keep up the good work. see you on the water.

Rod B.  Burlington, ND


I would like to thank Jason, John, and Kurt for getting my brother, my dad, and I into bow hunting. A while ago u guys were in Grand Forks ND, doing a presentation on hunting tips at the Alerus Center. We liked the archery tips, and the ground blind tips. Since then we have all bought bows and a ground blind, so thank you, I love archery.

Corey R.  Lake Bronson, MN


We watched The Best of Season 7 over the weekend. Here are our thoughts:

All in all, we really enjoy UOA TV, and the Best of Season 7 is done very well. I think what we appreciate the most is the way that the show is very real, and gives a more realistic perspective of how the hunt goes for most of us. Our style of whitetail hunting results in nearly ALL of our shots being taken at deer from longer distances at a full run. It's nice to see that we're not the only ones who don't punch the heart every time we pull the trigger!

Showing the fact that a 2nd shot is often required to bring down your quarry is nice to see. It's reality, and too many other shows don't bother, as though every shot they ever place is a perfect instant kill shot. The reality is that it's tough to do, and you show things in a more realisitic perspective.

Keep up the good work!

Dan and Sandy J.  Bismarck


Just got done watching the rest of the Season 7 DVD. It was excellent of course and watching it at this time of year makes a guy wish it was hunting season again.

Excellent footage and excellent hunts. You keep it real and present a positive image of North Dakota and North Dakota hunters. Keep up the great work! I enjoy every episode.

Steve P.  Bismarck


Had to send a photo of my ND cow elk hunt from last week. John Arman and Kurt Schirado said the Canadian pack from Blacks Creek would do everything I needed it to do, include packing out rear quarters. My 3 buddies were all using old frame packs, and I would bet they all get a Blacks Creek pack shortly. This pack carried out quarters, gear, and a rifle with ease. Great pack.

Justin T.  Bismarck


Thanks so much guys... Kurt, John, and JW for all your hard work and dedication in supporting hunting down in Standing Rock this past couple years. We've had some very fun and long days hunting, but it was well worth the miles. We hope we can continue many more years of the friendships and hunting stories. The youth hunt was very exiting to see, I wish I was there... we need to do more! Thanks again and wishing you all the best of hunting for 2011!

Scottie D.  Bismarck


I think you guys have one of the better shows on TV. Especially since you're based out of North Dakota. Keep up the good work.

Nate  Casselton, ND


Kurt I want to thank you for putting me in contact with Alvin at MonDak outfitters. He is a great guy and I look forward to going back. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful with my antelope tag this year, I think it bothered Alvin more than me. That tells you what type of guy he is!! Alvin asked if he could call if the rut brings more chances, which I thought was very generous.

To sum it up in a sentence "It was a great time with a great bunch of people the Cordell's."

Brent L.  Bismarck


I enjoy the show. Keep up the good work because you guys are truly coming around and make some high quality shows. I look forward to them each week.

Jared S.  Fargo, ND


I met you at the boat show in Minot. Thank you for the autographed DVD. My sister and I have watched the DVD several times. We love watching the deer in the fields. We go deer hunting with our dad each year. We walk a lot when we go hunting. I think it would be cool to sit in a tent (blind) while hunting. We liked the DVD and our dad enjoyed the action and video quality of actual hunts. We will continue to watch your show on TV in the morning on weekends. Again, thank you for the DVD.

Brady and Mya  Minot, ND


Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your hunting and fishing shows. You all have taken some nice mulies over the years, So whats your secret. Haven't seen any like those up where I hunt. Wish I could get one that nice. All I am able to get is little 2x2's. But hey its meat in the freeze. Just be nice to have a nice one hanging on the wall. But anyway keep up the good work and hunting and footage, that you all share. I really appreciate you guys sharing your hunts. Good luck on your future hunts.

Dave H. 


Just wanted to write and tell you that i think your program is very well put together i would say i think it is better than alot of the larger national programs. It was also nice to talk with you at the Williston outdoor expo you all seem like a great group of guys who really love what you do and it shows it in the show. I will be purchasing the rest of your DVDs.

Kelly A.  Casper, Wyoming


My Name is Blake A. and I am 23 years old. I am from Minot, ND. My dad and I had stopped and talked to you at the Sports Show today (Sunday) and I had really admired your camerawork and photography. I personally CRAVE the challenge of taking down trophy big game with a stick and string or my rifle on public land. I LIVE and BREATH hunting 24/7/365. We really enjoy your show and look up to the way you guys hunt. You do things the RIGHT way and work hard for your trohpies which is a breath of fresh air in today's "hunting shows". No food plots containing tame deer that you've been watching grow up for 6 years over a bait pile. You're work is authentic. Your hunts are the REAL deal! I hope you guys continue to have great success in the field and someday have your shows air on the outdoor channel right along with some of the legendary shows!

Blake A.  Minot, ND