Ultimate Outdoor Adventures - Viewers Feedback


On our "VIEWERS FEEDBACK" page we will share with you some of our emails, both good and bad, that we have received from our viewers.  Drop us an email on our "COMMENTS" page and let us know your thoughts or suggestions.  Take a few minutes to read some of the comments we've recieved.


Hi Guys,

First off, I want to say what a great fan I am of your show - real hunting is very refreshing to see these days and you guys do a bang up job.

Joe J.  Minneapolis, MN


I truly enjoy your show. It's one of the only outdoor shows that reflects "true hunting" where you actually work your butts off to harvest your game. Most of them sit in a blind on a deer ranch next to a food plot and make a 75 yd. shot and call it the experience of a life time.

Scott H.  Bismarck, ND


Thank you for the presentation at the Roughrider Archery Banquet it was great to receive your CD....thanks again we really enjoy it.

Tom and Donna D.  Dickinson


Just wanted to thank TEAM UOA for a very fun and exciting late season hunt. It was a pleasure to share some hunting experiences and tactics on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe with TEAM UOA! Although we put in a lot of miles, it was well worth the hard work in tagging two nice white tails. It's good to see that we all share some very common interests and values in hunting and preserving a way of life for many people across North Dakota and throughout Indian Country. We hope to continue this brotherhood for many years to come!!

Scott D.  Bismarck, ND


I received Seasons 3 & 4, just before the holidays. Just finished watching them today. All I have to say is that you, and your partners, put together a great video. I know you've heard that before, as I've read the comments on your website, but I have watched a lot of hunting videos and yours are by far the best put together, the most "real" that I've seen.

Bill I.  Montana


Your hunting shows are very fun to watch... I do a lot of hunting in ND. I got a nice 4x5 whitetail this year with my gun tag but I still have to get a deer with my bow... your hunting shows are the best hunting show I have ever watched on TV.

Jesse H.  Hebron, ND


Your videos that you guys have made are awesome, I really enjoy the time you put into the whole hunt, most hunting videos show the kill shot and that to me is so boring. awesome videos. Good luck hunting and fishing the rest of the year.

Brady R.  Valley City, ND


I really enjoy your show and it's great to see people from our state promoting the state of North Dakota through television.

Austin M. 


Just a note to tell you guys good job on the antelope this year. There were not many left after last winter. I got to meet you guys this past summer at MONDAK Outfitters while we were building the new hunting lodge. Great bunch of guys. Wish you all the luck in your coming adventures.

Shane F.  Belle Fourche, SD


You guys have one of the best hunting-fishing shows on TV. Finally a show that has hunting in North Dakota. Great Job!

J Drechsel  Fargo


Great job on the web site, easy to follow. Sure has come a long way! Can't wait to see the future on your hunts.

Jaco  Mandan, ND


I Like the new site...some nice animals you guys have taken. Good Luck and Happy Hunting.

James H.  North Branch, MN


I received the DVD last week while I was away and I had a chance to look at it during the week end. I have seen many of these videos...a lot of them being phonies and I truly think that what you guys did is fantastic. First of all, it has been done by real hunters and the comments are very accurate. Secondly, it tells the truth...so many of these videos show the big migration and nothing else...they won't even show up if the numbers are not there. There is nothing like the truth...and what you guys lived is part of it all. It happens and hunters have to realize it. When you came, I had another group, fully guided, not too far from you. Two brothers were part of the group and they wrote me a nice comment when they got back home saying that it was their second experience with us: the first time, migration was strong and the only thing they had to do is choose. This time, caribou were scattered and the challenge was great. They had the same comment that we hear on your video: it was one of the most physically demanding hunts they had ever experienced and they fully appreciated it.
One more time, it is a great video done by great sportsmen and I really enjoyed it. May be next time will be different...who knows.

Please stay in touch and give my best to the guys,

Jean Paquet - Norpaq Adventures   Quebec, Canada


Kurt, just caught your last episode of ultimate outdoor adventures this past sunday, really enjoyed the show, especially enjoy seeing you guys lay down some brutes. I've noticed you guys take a lot of quality animals, you can't tell a guy what or what not to shoot, but I firmly believe the footage and animals you guys lay down rubs off onto others promoting the passing of small--not to full maturity animals--keep up the good work!

Brett P.  Bismarck, ND


Just wanted to say you guys do a great job!! I have been real bored this summer so i went out and bought both or your dvd's and you guys do a great job! I like how you are all down to earth poeple with regular jobs and still love to hunt. The main reason i bought your dvds is because the antelope hunts. I went out to wyoming last year and took a 73 2/8 one for my first one and i am hooked, recently i got my license for next year and cannot wait. Just wondering when the 3rd season will come out?

Josh D.  Bismarck, ND