Ultimate Outdoor Adventures - Photo Gallery


WELCOME TO OUR HOME... We hope you enjoy these photos of our most memorable outdoor adventures spent with family and friends. If you have a favorite photo you would like to share with us at Ultimate Outdoor Adventures, send it to kschirado@teamuoa.com and attach a brief description.



  • No Tracking Needed Image
    No Tracking Needed
  • Olson Buck Image
    Olson Buck
  • Tagged Out Image
    Tagged Out
  • Lett'em Grow Image
    Lett'em Grow
  • Perfect Setup Image
    Perfect Setup
  • The Late
    The Late "15"
  • Herd Reduction 2010 Image
    Herd Reduction 2010
  • Wing-Shooting Late Image
    Wing-Shooting Late
  • CAt 3 Image
    CAt 3
  • Enthusiastic Waterfowler Image
    Enthusiastic Waterfowler
  • Late Season Dedication Image
    Late Season Dedication
  • Got Ducks? Image
    Got Ducks?
  • Big Cat 2 Image
    Big Cat 2
  • Big Cat  Image
    Big Cat
  • Final 2010 Buck Image
    Final 2010 Buck
  • Uncle's Buck Image
    Uncle's Buck
  • Strikes Again Image
    Strikes Again
  • Perseverance Buck Image
    Perseverance Buck
  • Jeff Wruck Image
    Jeff Wruck
  • Jordan's 1st Buck Image
    Jordan's 1st Buck
  • Sandy's First Buck Image
    Sandy's First Buck
  • 5x5 Image
  • Broke Rack Buck Image
    Broke Rack Buck
  • Not to be out done Image
    Not to be out done
  • Northern Giant Image
    Northern Giant
  • Warren Holder's Buck Image
    Warren Holder's Buck
  • Buck-Thirty Image
  • Oregon Blacktail Image
    Oregon Blacktail
  • Belly Crawl Buck Image
    Belly Crawl Buck
  • Walk-About-Buck Image