Ultimate Outdoor Adventures - Photo Gallery


WELCOME TO OUR HOME... We hope you enjoy these photos of our most memorable outdoor adventures spent with family and friends. If you have a favorite photo you would like to share with us at Ultimate Outdoor Adventures, send it to kschirado@teamuoa.com and attach a brief description.



  • Jacob's First Turkey Image
    Jacob's First Turkey
  • Sand Hills Turkey Image
    Sand Hills Turkey
  • New Turkey Hunter Image
    New Turkey Hunter
  • Neutrons Turkey Image
    Neutrons Turkey
  • Thunder Chicken Image
    Thunder Chicken
  • Six Beards Image
    Six Beards
  • 09 Spring Turkey Image
    09 Spring Turkey
  • JW's Spring Turkey Image
    JW's Spring Turkey
  • Spear Fishing ND Image
    Spear Fishing ND
  • Easter Turkey Image
    Easter Turkey
  • Double Bearded Tom Image
    Double Bearded Tom
  • Double Drop Tines Buck Image
    Double Drop Tines Buck
  • Final Stand Image
    Final Stand
  • The Waters Buck Image
    The Waters Buck
  • Blessed beyond belief! Image
    Blessed beyond belief!
  • Public Land Muley Image
    Public Land Muley
  • Larson Buck Image
    Larson Buck
  • Ground Blind Bird Image
    Ground Blind Bird
  • Great Muzzle Loader Buck Image
    Great Muzzle Loader Buck
  • Sandstrom Buck Image
    Sandstrom Buck
  • Bense Buck Image
    Bense Buck
  • Sister Sandstrom Image
    Sister Sandstrom
  • Domagala Buck Image
    Domagala Buck
  • Coyote Action Image
    Coyote Action
  • Badlands Muley Image
    Badlands Muley
  • First Bow Kill Image
    First Bow Kill
  • Skipping Thanksgiving pays off Image
    Skipping Thanksgiving pays off
  • The Warberg Buck Image
    The Warberg Buck
  • Thanksgiving Day Buck Image
    Thanksgiving Day Buck
  • Thanksgiving Buck Image
    Thanksgiving Buck